Valona London

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The Valona London hair removal system offersthe unique way to remove unwanted hair. Valona hair removal does not only effortlessly remove hair, but it also exfoliates your skin. 
Instruction for Use
Valona has been formulated for both male and
female skin to remove bodily hair, except your
head or the male beard.
Always ensure the surface of your skin is clean, dry
and free from any products. It is also
recommended that you do a patch test on your
skin 48 hours before use to check for any adverse
Apply the Velcro pad onto the plastic holder. Align
it with the handle and press firmly.
Place the Valona pad on your skin, apply slight
pressure and rotate the handle in a circular
motion. Rotate clockwise three times followed by
anti-clockwise three times. Repeat this process
until satisfactory results are achieved
The Valona pads are covered with micro-crystals
which break down hair fibres.
If your skin becomes red after use of this product,
you are simply applying too much pressure.
We DO NOT recommend using the kit near open
cuts or if you suffer from any dermatological
conditions or diabetes. If you are unsure about
your condition, please consult with your doctor.
Spare Pads
After prolonged use, you may find that the
crystals on the pads begin to diminish. When
this happens gently pull it off the handle and
replace it with a spare pad
It is important that you only use Valona hair
removal system pads as these are formulated
to work in a specific way.